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How we can Treat Diabetes in Ayurveda?

Helpful Information Shared by Dr. Vikram Chauhan & Dr. Madan Gulati

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Today in our studio, we have Dr Madan Gulati with us who has retired as a deputy director from Ayush Department. Today we will discuss with him about diabetes which has become pandemic disease these days especially in India. So Dr. Sahib please tell us how we can treat diabetes in Ayurveda or how do we understand it?

Dr. Madan Gulati: You have brought up a very good subject, as diabetes has become a major problem these days and even India is called capital of diabetes but all these things are wrong. I see these things with a different prospectus. The medicines which we are giving in diabetes either allopathic or Ayurvedic have their concepts very clear. First of all it is necessary to know the types of diabetes. Madhumeh which occurs in childhood is called type 1 diabetes. It affects children and there is lack of insulin in the body and so due to lack of insulin there body build is very lean but when we give them insulin those children become healthy. So when insulin injections are given they show magical results. So insulin is considered as a boon in diabetes treatment but that is for type 1. In type 2 patient there is an excessive production of insulin in the body. In today's time as we talk about insulin resistant, till now it was considered that if diabetes is a lock and insulin is the key, Grease has been collected in the lock.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: It is considered that insulin resistance has occurred.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes! Insulin resistance. So this type 2 diabetes mellitus is insulin resistant. It has more patients then other one. It mostly occurs after 40-50 years of age and its patients are usually obese. So these patients who have diabetes at this age, have basically a liver disease and it is not related to the pancreas. The disease related to pancreas is type 1, in which if pancreas is not making insulin or due to any other reason it is not made and we give insulin so it will do the magic. But in type 2 the point of view to give medicines is different. As we took it under vataj prameha in Ayurveda. And for second type also we are giving Banana, jamun (blackberry), neem (azadirachta indica) which are Vata vardhak, these are giving rise to more dangerous complications as they are increasing the vata dosha. So we have to change the view for the treatment as type 2 diabetes mellitus is insulin resistant. First of all we have to understand what is insulin resistant. Till now it was considered that there was no proper production of insulin. If somebody is taking non veg and his insulin is not produced properly then it was considered that there is a fault in the key. And will put him on vegetarian diet. So it is not correct and the most important thing I want to clear here is that diabetes mellitus should be seen with different prospectus and we should be aware of that what insulin resistance in diabetes mellitus is. So there is no fault in key and lock when we consider insulin resistance diabetes. So when person kept on gaining weight by overeating as it is clearly written in Ayurveda for example when we put rice in pressure cooker they will be properly cooked. But when we again and again open the cooker lid then the rice will not cook properly. Like this Amarasa is formed in the body as it causes mandaagni. As it is told that "ushno alp balatawen dhatun adham vartitawa se aam sandikam dwyam sarv dosh parkopanam". Which leads to ama formation. So basically diabetes type 2 is an Ajeerna (indigestion) disease in nature.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Is it a reversible process?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Surely it is a reversible process. The concept of diabetes which has been told till now that diabetes is spreading across the world, and Companies are making these thoughts that it will spread to millions of people. Due to such thoughts now people are developing complications, which are becoming incurable. First thing to understand is that we called the diabetes mellitus as sugar problem and all the medicines which we have prepared they decrease the sugar level from the blood and we feel very happy. Either we take metformin or glimepiride, all these lower the sugar level from the blood. But where that sugar does went. It is always there in your body. So there are such medicine which forcefully accumulates the sugar in our cells. So which increases the sugar in the blood. So that's why gangrene happen, which leads to foot amputation,also leads to kidney failure and eye related issues. So all this happens because we put glucose from blood to cells and this is more dangerous. Now, more studies have come up which shows those patients who were taking the diabetes medicines regularly are dying more early and those who were not taking the medicines have longer life. So what is the reason? We correlated the madhumeh or diabetes mellitus and blood sugar. Basically it is a symptom. The underlying disease is different. This is metabolic syndrome and disease is related to insulin resistance. We took it differently as sugar level is high then there is threat to heart, its wrong.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically the one metabolism is completely disturbed.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Basically whole metabolism is disturbed. Diabetes on which whole world is doing research and even I studied a lot and I have come to the conclusion that Ayurvedic concept about it is correct. There was upwasa (Fasting) concept in Ayurveda that one person should do fasting for some days. So in today's time if we want to reverse the diabetes then only and only answer is go for fast. Stop all those things which increases the insulin. For example if a person is diagnosed with malaria then for lowering his temperature we give him paracetamol. But if we didn't give him quinine his malaria will not be cured. For diabetes mellitus all the medicines prepared work similarly like the paracetamol .They treat your symptoms only. You go to doctor he see your symptoms and write the medicine for your symptoms. This is wrong approach. The sugar remain in your body. We should know why this sugar get increased and its reason is only insulin resistance. We have to think about it in a proper way. If we think insulin resistance in general manner then for example a car is standing filled with all passengers and someone want to enter in it, so how that person can manage to enter as the car is fully filled up.So if he push to enter inside car, like that push, insulin also works. So that push will make him sit there which will make him the seventh one. So that is called insulin resistance. These all cells are over fed with glucose and are totally filled with glucose. That is why we don't see starvation symptoms in the diabetic patients. Which we see in type 1, because there is deficiency of insulin there and cells are starving there as glucose is not going in the cells. When insulin is given the cells gets filled with it and get healthy. But the type 2 patients are over fed with glucose. The cells are fully filled with glucose and they resist to glucose. So there is no defect in key and lock because they are fed with sugar as it comes near to them they send it back and it is called insulin resistance. So its cure is that we have to reduce the insulin quantity. Insulin will get reduced when we will reduce the carbohydrates intake. So whenever we will take carbohydrates with food or will take sweets, this will result in insulin secretion then insulin resistance will increase. If we will try to push this insulin into the cells with the help of medicines, this will cause more problem.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So all these medicines in the allopathy are given to increase the insulin.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Yes and even in Ayurveda they tell that these medicines will increase insulin quantity. They have to see that type 1 have different treatment and type 2 treatment is totally different. It is a problem of obesity, and it is a metabolic syndrome. And to reverse it we have to see that what the reasons which increase the insulin are. Medicine should be given to decrease it. Like to hypothyroidism patient we give different medicine and to hyper we give different medicines. So when we give different medicine to hypo, as we give him thyroxin, there is a concept of aptarpan, and santarpan. So in diabetes type 1 we have to give santarpan herbs. Give Bhringaraj, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, ghrit. Give anabolic treatment. So for that we have to do santarpan treatment in type 1 and in type 2 we have to do aptarapan treatment. And in aptarpan, langhan (fasting), rukshan, swedan are included so that line of treatment is totally different. So when we have to treat diabetes 2 patient, we have to treat him with aptarpan treatment. We have to stop his over eating. And only answer is we have to make him stop carbohydrates. Patients have to do fasting. If person develop zeal to reverse the diabetes, he can do it, it is very easy. There will be no cost and the message I am giving today that if you are type 2 diabetes patient and you are obese you simply stop your over eating habits and take your meal two times a day. In morning around 11 o clock which is considered as the pitta period in Ayurveda from 10 to 2 pm it is pitta period. And in evening have your meal before sunset, in between 6 to 7 pm and after that when you will eat next day then it will be about 16 hrs gap. And in these 16 hrs you have to eat nothing. If you cannot do it daily then repeat this on alternate days. So when we will not get the food then itself we will start losing the weight.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Upvasa basically.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Upvasa is the right treatment. Three noble prizes has gone to langhan which is called autophagy. Autophagy is a principle where for example you collect your newspapers and when you give it to ragman, that ragman recycle it and use it again. So like that when there is collection of ama or toxins in body we have to go for fast (upvasa) to eliminate those toxins and the principle used there is called autophagy Toxins will burn inside the body and in this process itself the treatment of diabetes is hidden. So what is the function of insulin, as its quantity will increase it will start doing storage as in kitchen grocery comes and we use it daily and then again we bring new one. Calorie theory is totally failed. You took this much calories and burn this much. This brings your metabolic rate down. If you were taking 2000 calories then 2000 calories were burning. Now somebody tells you that if you want to lose weight then take 1500 calories and soon as you will start taking 1500 calories this will decrease your metabolic rate. So even when you will eat less then also there will be storage.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically you have to increase your metabolic rate also.

Dr. Madan Gulati: So you have to increase your metabolic rate also. With fasting your metabolic rate will increase and your energy levels will also increase.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: what is the role of exercise?

Dr. Madan Gulati: Exercise make you burn the calories and it is good that you become active. No doubt that doing exercise to certain limit for diabetes patient is very good. At least 45 minutes walk, and more than walk do exercise related to muscles which will strengthen the muscles and help in their build up. Then the question arise and the message I want to deliver is and repeatedly I am stressing at this point that insulin resistance is the root cause. We have to understand this as there is no fault in insulin (key) or pancreas (lock) all these are fine even insulin is properly prepared by the pancreas and it is working properly since 40-50 years. And then we put it on habit of eating again and again. This concept is ok for type 1 patients for certain limit, but still it is wrong too. Its better that you take only 2 simple meals, and if we go for one meal fasting or skip one meal then we can cure diabetes totally and it can be totally reversed and i have done this. I have seen this that for those patients I have started 16 hrs fasting it will also reduce their weight. So what is the simplest way to reduce weight, weight doesn't lose because we think on calorie theory. We have to take all those things which have no role in the production of insulin. The function of insulin is to convert the glucose into glycogen. And this is getting stored in the liver or it is fully filled there than change into fatty acids. There are two store houses and i call it two compartment theory. One is your fridge and other one is your deep freezer. So deep freezer is fatty acid and glycogen is your fridge. Both of them are available in your kitchen, and grocery is coming to your kitchen daily. You took calories and you burn calories. But until you will not burn your glycogen and will not activate you glucagon to do work. When will glucagon start working, its only when you will stop giving food from outside. Now there will be no insulin and glucagon will convert glycogen into glucose. This will maintain your glucose levels. You will enjoy yourself as you will be energetic. And this will make your stored things to work. As the glycogen comes into the blood your blood glucose level will be normal.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So the thing is to burn the stored materials and don't over feed. And do upvasa (fastin) it will burn your fat and will reduce you weight and also will cure your metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Madan Gulati: In between drink 4-5 glass of warm water. And during fast drink only water. And after this check your sugar levels you will see after 3 days that your sugar levels are coming to normal. And you will loose weight in bonus. And over fed patients have to just control their senses that I will not over eat. And only water and nothing else. Even these toffees are wrong too one side they are taking injection and on other side eating something making it a cycle and whole life they call it is a progressive disease. It is not progressive disease i want to tell this that it is reversible and curable disease. Diabetes type 2 is easily curable and its treatment is totally free. There is no need for medicines only you have to do the fasting. As langhan (fasting) chikitsa in Ayurveda have got three noble prizes with name of autophagy. So this all is autophagy where glucose converts into glycogen then into fatty acids. One thing also I want to clear that some people says eat lots of fruits so what happen while taking fruits is that they contain fructose and they say it has nothing to do with sugar and insulin will not come. But its wrong as there will be temporary relief but in long run this fructose is 22 times more dangerous than the glucose. And i am saying 22 times as this all is converting into fatty acids. Fatty acids are more dangerous. Even ghee or butter we take have nothing to do with it as they are not metabolized in the liver. Diabetic patients who is taking ghee, butter that this his body needs and will decrease his weight if this concept of vata of Ayurveda we take then we have to treat the vata and ghee is best treatment in Ayurveda. Ghritam pitta anilharam rakta shukra oja samyatam. Ghrit pacify both vata and pitta and intake of ghee for diabetic patient is good and the theory that it increase insulin is wrong. Ghee has nothing to do with this instead higher is the cholesterol better it is. So one should take ghee, butter and with that protein diet take black grams. Take high protein diet and the two meals i am telling you in that take ghee, butter, and take black grams. This will reduce your weight and you will get rid of this permanently without any medicine. You are not supposed to take any medicines, even those who are giving medicines either they are Ayurvedic or from modern medicines they should understand it again that why diabetes is not curing. And it is getting cured with all these simple methods. We have to think over this because diabetes have become a global issue. And the fruit concept also I want to make it very clear that by eating fruits we will get fructose. While taking fruits temporarily you might not see increase in the glucose as much increase might you see after taking food. Because there is glucose in the food. But fruits have glucose and fructose in half ratio.so for fructose metabolism only our 2.5 kg liver is working, but glucose is metabolised by whole body cells so it is better to eat glucose comparatively then fructose. So this myth people have developed that either they will be on fruits or other things then they will be fine.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically high fat diet high protein diet, upvasa, langhan, drink warm water and light exercise.

Dr. Madan Gulati: So do light exercise, do pranayam, kapal bhati, anulom-vilom, and hit body so glycogen which get collected in the body get metabolized. We have to destroy glycogen and fatty acids from our body that is the answer of insulin resistant diabetes. The simplest definition of insulin resistant diabetes. I want to tell is that it is more glycogen and more insulin, as your glycogen will be metabolised your insulin will be reduced. So in type 1 diabetes insulin is important but for type 2 patients it is there number one enemy so why insulin producing medicines are given to him. And we are giving insulin making tablets like glimipride and which are making people obese so by giving insulin they are becoming fat.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So Dr sahib have introduced to use totally new concept related to old therapies of Ayurveda like upwasa, langhan, eating food two times only, and with langhan, through which disease like diabetes can we cured. We are very thankful to you Dr Sahib.

Dr. Madan Gulati: Thank you.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thank you for such an informative information.


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