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How to Treat Osteoporosis in Ayurveda?

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer - What is Osteoporosis?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Osteoporosis is basically when the bone density decreases from certain level then it is called Osteoporosis. When the density of osteoblasts or the bone cells, osteoblast it becomes very less in per centimeter square area of the bone then then it is called osteoporosis. It effects mainly after menopause and elderly people. They are very much prone to osteoporosis.

Interviewer - How we do the diagnose?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - We have certain tests like x-ray absorptiometry, there is bone marrow density test is done. The machines now days there are so many machines and bone density is measured with that. And we come to know the level of bone density then we diagnose it is osteoporosis or not yet.

Interviewer - What is the best cure for the Osteoporosis?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Basically first of all we have to see what the cause mainly in some cases like menopause, the osteoporosis is because of lack of hormones and sometimes there are younger people also who are suffering from osteoporosis. Lack of calcium in their diet also one of the leading cause for the osteoporosis. So giving calcium, exercise, proper sleep. In ayurveda this is called, there are three upsthamaba or three pillars of life. Sleep, diet and lifestyle and indulgence in the sexual activity. So these three things are there, if you are not sleeping well and if the sleep is not good, not properly sleeping and the Vata imbalance will be there and that affects the bone so that also erodes the calcium from the bones, second is the diet now a days you see packed food is there, the processed food is there and children don't drink too much milk or calcium supplements or milk and yogurt nothing no one consume, like too much calcium. So lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis diet, soft drink they are also very, they contain too much chemicals so they also dissolve the bones. So I would suggest don't drink too much of soft drinks and this alcohol and this smoking. Diet and sleep these are two things. Third is indulgence in this sexual activity. Now day's people are too much involved in so many tamsik behaviors like sex, indulgence in sexual activity, so according to Ayurveda if you are indulge in too much in into sexual activities, you consume a lot of energy, Shukra dhatu or Shukra dhatu you lose basically you are losing essence of all the dhatus, all the tissues, according to ayurveda the semen or the Shukra dhatu, semen and ova in female, semen in the male this is called Shukra dhatu in men, if you lose them, you are losing all your dhatus so rasa Rakta mamas Meda Asthi majja Shukra. Asthi means bones that means your bone metabolism is also disturbed if you are indulging too much into sexual activity. So these three things should be balanced, they are also maintaining our immunity. Our health. So diet, lifestyle, sleep and indulgence in sexual activity. This affects the calcium and our all over health. Secondly hormonal imbalance after menopause that is the also major cause of loss of bone density. Third is this age, women after age of 65 and men after age of 70, they usually there bone density decrease. We can measure the bone density using some machines but in ayurveda we also can see from pulse also, if there is too much vatik and patik pulse that means the rate of osteoplastic activity or bone deterioration activity is more. We see Vata and pitta and balance in the pulse. And if it is in too much in imbalance then we can estimate the loss of body tissues including the bone.

Interviewer - Is there permanent cure in Ayurveda for this kind of disease?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - As I have told you that the causes, what is the cure of the problem, we have to go for the treat the cause. If you are not sleeping well, if your life style is not good and if you are consuming all those packed and processed foods then it is difficult to cure. If we want to treat osteoporosis then exercise is very important, walk morning walk is very important, sufficient amount of calcium intake should be there. And taking care of stress is also very important. And these things are very important. We also give some oils for massage like dhanwantram oil anti Vata oil. Dhanwantram oil and calcium supplements and this is very important. It can be cured but with little efforts.

Interviewer - Thank you very much.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Thank you very much.


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