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Tridosha - Three Basic Energies Described in Ayurveda

The five elements are present in various living and non-living things in various ratios and proportions. Living things have five elements and a soul whereas non-living have only 5 elements in their composition. These 5 elements represent themselves in the form of 3 energies in humans called ‘Dosha’ or Tri-Dosha. These dosha can also be called Tri-Energies.

Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Ayurvedic Energies

The balance of these tri-energies is known as state of health and their imbalance is disease. Anything which restores this balance is good for health. So any diet, exercise, behavior or medicine can be recommended to restore this balance and provide health. The tri-energies are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Pitta or Fire Element - Metabolism & Other Chemical Reactions

Pitta: Pittta is compared with Thermal energy within the body. It is responsible for all the metabolic and chemical reactions occurring in our body. The heat energy or “the fire” required for a chemical reaction is “Pitta”.

There are five types of Pitta in our body:-

  1. Pachak - (Pachak Pitta) aids digestion and is located in stomach, small intestines)
  2. Ranjak - Ranjan means to color something. Ranjak pitta colors the blood red i.e. responsible for blood formation in our body.
  3. Bhrajak - (Bhrajak Pitta) is present in skin and reflects skin luster and texture)
  4. Sadhak - Sadhak Pitta is present in heart. Any abnormality in Sadhak pitta causes hypertension, palpitations and heart problems.
  5. Aalochak - Aalochak Pitta is present in eyes and is responsible for vision.

Location of Pitta in our body

According to Ayurveda, the location of Pitta in our body is middle portion of our body. i.e. stomach, liver, spleen, duodenum, gall bladder, bile, small intestine, pancreas, heart, retina, skin and blood.

Functions of Pitta in our body

It governs the digestive process, metabolic and enzymatic activity within our body.

Emotions controlled by Pitta

Fear, stress, anxiety, impatience are all aggravated and in Pitta type personalities and also in case of increased Pitta.

Physical attributes of Pitta

Pitta is hot, sharp, acrid, oily and acidic.

Remedies for Pitta disorders

Fresh Green coconut water, All foods which are bitter especially pumpkin family fruits and vegetables like bottle gourd, long gourd, round gourd etc. All green leafy vegetables, Apples, Papaya, Melons, Dragon fruit, Herbs like Neem, Amla, Katuki, Aloe vera juice, Brahmi. Ghee should be used. Yoga and meditation also help in Pitta disorders.


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