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Tridosha - Three Basic energies described in Ayurveda

Physical appearance of people according to Prakriti (Dosha Predominance)

S.No. Physical Character Vata Pitta Kapha
1 Body frame Lean, Tall Medium Broad
2 Body Movements Restless, Mobile Moderate Calm, Slow
3 Weight Low Moderate Heavy
4 Eyes Dull, Dry, Small Sharp, Shining Bright, Big
5 Nails Brittle, Dry Soft, Pink Soft, White
6 Skin Dry, Rough, Cool, Dull Soft, Oily, Warm Thick, Cool, Moist
7 Teeth Protruding, Uneven Yellowish, even Strong, Even, White
8 Hair Dark, Dry, thin Soft, Oily Dense, Moist, wavy
9 Thirst Variable Excessive Minimal
10 Appetite Variable Good Minimal
11 Urine Frequent Yellowish Infrequent
12 Sleep Disturbed Sound Deep, Excessive
13 Sex desire and Stamina Variable, Low Stamina Excessive, Moderate Stamina Slow arousa, Sustained Good Stamina

Psychological/Mental characteristics of people with various Prakritis (Dosha dominance)

S.No. Mental Character Vata Pitta Kapha
1 Memory Short term, Good Grasping, Quickly forgets Good Understanding, Intelligent Long term, Slow Grasping, Good Retention
2 Temperament Nervous, Quickly Agitated Determined, Loose Calm, Slow
3 Dreams Falling, flying Fire, Violence Romantic,Peaceful
4 Moods Swinging Agitated Slow changes
5 Creativity Creative Logical, Technical Entrepreneurial
6 Hobbies/ Interests Travel, Art Sports Politics Serene
7 Finance Management Poor, Lavish Spending Moderate, Buys luxuries Excellent, Planned expenditure
8 Mind Restless, anxious Aggressive, Clever Calm, Slow

The Human Constitution – Body types or Prakriti Analysis in Ayurvedic Science

Another concept that is unique to Ayurveda is Prakriti (The Constitution). The physical, mental and personality characteristics of a person are known as "Prakriti" or Constitution of the person. The Prakriti is further classified into two types – physical and mental.

The Prakriti of a person is determined at the time of conception and depends upon the state of doshas at that time. The people are classified into Vata, Pitta and Kapha types. It is also common for a person to have traits of one or more doshas in his personality and that makes it twin dosha or tri dosha personalities.

The Seven Combinations of Doshas, Which Lead to The Following Body Types of Humans, are Classified as:-

  1. Vata type
  2. Pitta Type
  3. Kapha Type
  4. Vata-Pitta Type
  5. Pitta-Kapha Type
  6. Vata-Kapha Type
  7. Vata-Pitta-Kapha Type


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