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VidangaAyurveda is an ancient science that deals with health at physical, mental as well as spiritual level. I is also known as "The Science of Life" for the same reason.

There are numerous text books available on Ayurveda which have such vast literature about the natural plants and minerals around us and how they can be utilized by man for improving living.

Vidanga is one of the herbs commonly described in Ayurveda. It is considered to support the intestines and keep the digestive system healthy.

Name: Embelia Ribes, Commonly Known as False Black Pepper.

Family: Myrsinaceae


English - False black pepper as its seeds resembles black pepper in appearance.

Hindi - Vaividanga, Bhabhiranga etc.

Sanskrit Name - Krimighna (mainly for its action against worms)

Chitratandula - (The seeds of the plant have white streaks and oil glands)


It is a climbing shrub. The leaves are leathery and the flowers are white to greenish white, the fruits are rounded berry shaped and possess only one seed each.

Embelia ribes is found in the areas of South-East Asia, The Himalayas and the western ghats of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka.

Parts used: Leaves, roots, fruits.

Other Varieties of Vidanga

E.Tsjeriam-Cottam (Syn-E.Robusta C.B.Clarke)

Commercial form of Vidanga

Myrsine Africana Linn., another member of the same family is often mixed with Myrsine Africana. It is similar to Embelia ribes in terms of physical features and appearance.

Seeds of Black pepper are also mixed with Vidanga fruits.

Active Principles in Embelia Ribes

Embelin- 2.5-3%

Christembine- 5.2%


Guna (Specific Action): Laghu (light), Ruksha (dry), Teekshna (sharp action)

Rasa (Taste): Katu (Pungent), Kashaya (Astringent)

Vipaka (After Taste): Katu (Pungent)

Virya (Potency): Ushna (Hot Potency)

Prabhava (Exceptional action of the drug): Krimighna (acts against and destroys a variety of microorganisms).

Actions On Tridosha: Vitiates Kapha And Vata Doshas.

Parts Used: Fruits.

Dosage: 5-10gm.


Vidangadi Powder.

Vidanga Lauha

Vidanga Oil.

Vidanga as a Rasayana

Vidanga powder taken along with dried Amalaki fruits taken regularly in equal quantities and a little honey and taken after meals can help in maintaining good health and vitality.

Best Vidanga Seeds

The seeds which are more than a year old are considered good for medicinal use.

A Word of Caution for People Using Vidanga

To be prevented during pregnancy and may cause infertility as well.

Some researchers also suggest that Vidanga consumption can cause loss of peripheral vision in human population.

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