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In general, women of every age, weight and height have one thing common and that is, they need certain nutrients that are not made by their bodies but still require to function properly. No doubt, a wide variety of the nutrients can be taken by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fats in perfect proportion, but it is difficult to know that whether we are taking enough nutrients for a healthy body or not.

Good quality natural supplements help to maintain a healthy diet and in turn supports healthy body. Healthy diet is one of the main requirements in order to maintain the overall health of the body.

Nowadays, in the markets, there are a number of female health supplements available. Female health supplements can be taken for low sexual drive, menstrual irregularities, migraines, certain hormonal balances and premenstrual syndrome. Various female Health supplements are prepared using the natural herbs in it.

In today's world, most of the women have jobs and they have to work daily even under stress. Such women do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals in their diet to stay healthy. But the herbal supplements that are prepared using pure herbs can really make a difference. Women can manage stress only if they are healthy enough. These female health supplement helps manage stress and hence helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. From menopause to pregnancy, women are at high risk of developing one or the other health problem and hence a healthy diet is must for women.

Herbal Remedies for Female Health

Planet Ayurveda provides best quality products that are 100 percent pure and vegetarian and are free from side effects.

Female health supplements from the house of Planet Ayurveda are well explained below:

1. Naari Kalyan Churna

Naari kalyan churna of Planet Ayurveda is prepared by using 4 ingredients. The ingredients include Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi).

Pack size - Each jar contains 200 g powder in it.

Dosage - 1 tablespoonful two times a day, with warm water or milk.

2. Female health support

Female health support capsules of Planet Ayurveda are prepared using the pure extracts of Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Ashok (Saraca indica) and Lodhra (Symplocus racemosa).

Pack size - Each bottle contains 60 capsules in it.

Dosage - 2 capsules two times a day, with plain water, after meals.

3. Kumari Saar

Planet Ayurveda's Kumari Saar is an Aloe Vera juice which is purely natural. It contains pure Aloevera in it. Aloevera is a succulent plant which is stemless or short-stemmed. It is 60 to 100 cm tall. The leaves of this plant are thick and fleshy and are green or mostly grey-green in color. The leaves of this plant are useful part. The margin the leaf has small white teeth. The flowers are upto 90 cm tall and are produced in summer. The leaves of Aloevera contains phytochemicals in it such as Anthraquinones, lignin, saponins, various lectins etc.

Pack size - Each bottle contains 250 ml of Aloevera juice in it.

Dosage - The juice should be taken twice daily, 3 tablespoonful in the morning and evening with equal amount of plain water.

4. Amla saar

Planet Ayurveda's Amla saar is a pure Amla juice that contains pure Amla (Emblica officinalis) in it. Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. It is the richest source of natural Vitamin C.

Pack size - Each bottle contains 250 ml juice in it.

Dosage - 3 teaspoonful two times a day, morning and evening, with equal amount of plain water.

5. Kachnaar Guggul

Kachnaar guggul of Planet Ayurveda contains kachnaar and guggul as the main ingredients. The other useful ingredients that are present in these tablets are Triphala (Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellerica), Trikatu (Zingiber officinale, Solanum nigrum and Piper longum) and other spices as well. These tablets are an excellent product for the female health.

Pack size - Each bottle contains 120 tablets in it.

Dosage - 2 tablets two times a day, with plain water, after meals.

6. Pradrantak churna

The Pradrantak churna of Planet Ayurveda is prepared by using the combination of 4 ingredients in it. These ingredients include Lodhra (Symplocus racemosa), Ashok (Saraca indica), Udumbur (Ficus glomerata) and Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna).

Pack size - Each bottle contains 100 g of powder in it.

Dosage - 1 tablespoonful two times a day.


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