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Youth Restora Capsules - Natural Remedy to Increase Your Immunity

Anti Oxidant Herbs, Improve Vitality

A herbal ayurvedic preparation by Planet Ayurveda for keeping disease free system is Youth Restora. The herbs in this combination are used since ages to improve vitality.

Youth Restora improves metabolism and remove free radicals from the body. It controls cellular damage thus controls signs of ageing like premature graying of hairs, age spots, wrinkles, general fatigue etc. Regular usage of youth restora increase your immunity power and keeps you attentive. Maintains youthful state and tone-up the body. Toxins generated due to unhealthy life style and chronic diseases are eliminated out from the body.

Ingredients of Youth Restora Capsules

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Quantity
1. Bhumi Amla Phyllanthus niruri 50mg
2. Grape Seed Vitis vinifera 200mg
3. Green Tea Camellia sinensis 50mg
4. Cow Colostrum Bovine colostrums 200mg

1. Bhumi Amla

  1. In ayurveda it is a hepatoprotective herb. It beneficial in tuberculosis and hepatitis.
  2. Bhumi Amla is useful in cystitis, urinary tract infections, odema as it is natural direutic.
  3. Helps liver in flushing out toxins from the body.
  4. It maintains lipid levels by reducing VLDL,LDL
  5. It comprises antioxidant properties.
  6. Combats bacterial and viral infections.

2. Grape Seed

  1. Rich source of vitamin E.
  2. Free radicals are eliminated.
  3. The alkaloid Resveratrol present in Vitis vinifera fights against prostate disorders.
  4. Balances cholesterol levels along with maintaining blood glucose concentration.
  5. Traditionally it is used in tuberculosis, cholera, nausea, skin and eye infections because of its anti inflammatory herb.

3. Green Tea

  1. Well known for its antioxidant properties.
  2. It Rejuvenates body in general weakness.
  3. Fights against auto immune disorders by regulating T cells.
  4. Cut down fat around abdomen, reduces obesity Eliminates adhered toxins from the body.

4. Cow Colostrums

  1. Rich in immunoglobulins, Colostrums is nature's gift.
  2. Major source of Ig.,
  3. Natural Source of vitamin A.
  4. It boosts immune system
  5. Heals at cellular level rapidly.
  6. Restores health fast in post operative conditions.

About Youth Restora Capsules

Individually these herbs are well known since ages for their properties as an immune booster as well as an antioxidant. Combining all together in Youth restora capsules stimulates metabolism thus effects digestive system, immune system, nervous system. These herbs are collected from the best quality herbs which enables the combination to give results as a wonderful restorer. An Ayurvedic Youth Restora capsule reduces free radicals and enhances immunity.


These are Youth Restora capsules are purely herbal and veggie formulation. These should be consumed as a whole with water. Recommended dose :

For Adults : 1-2 capsules twice a day with milk or water after meals.
For Children : One capsule per day.

To buy Youth Restora Capsules, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/youth-restora

Side Effects

Youth Restora leaves behind no side effects as it is natural herbal product. Its regular usage for long periods is considered safe.


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